Storing ginger juice

What is the best way to store your ginger juice? It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. G'nger ginger juice can be kept until the date mentioned on the bottle. After opening the bottle, we recommend using it in the fridge for a maximum of three weeks. This is about as long as a stalk of ginger. HUH? Yes really, in this article you can read more storage tips about ginger and also about how you can use it in creative ways.

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Storing ginger

To start with, we will explain the best way to store ginger. If you buy a stalk of ginger, then you will most probably put it with the rest of your tea or with the fruit bowl. But it is best to keep your ginger in the fridge. 

Can ginger get bad?

Certainly! Ginger can get wrinkles or bulges from the root at some point. Sometimes you can still cut some of this off, but often it is already too late. That's why we would like to explain to you how best to store ginger and, above all, for how long. 

How long can you keep a ginger?

Fresh ginger is best stored with its skin in a plastic bag that is sealed (preferably vacuum). You can also keep it outside the fridge, but you'll enjoy it the longest in the fridge, about 3 weeks. This is just as long as G'nger ginger juice! Only with our ginger juice, you don't have to cut, grate or press anything! It is ready immediately and can be kept in the fridge for 3 weeks after opening. Unopened even longer! Please check the date on the packaging. 

When is ginger no longer good

You can tell that your ginger is at the end of its life as soon as it develops fungal spots and a wrinkled 'skin'. You can often still cut this off, but when the ginger stem is brown inside and no longer smells fresh, it is better to throw it away. That's a shame, of course, so use G'nger ginger juice. 

Storing ginger juice creatively? Here's how! 

G'nger's ginger juice can be kept until the date the date mentioned on the glass bottle. After opening, the ginger juice can be kept in the fridge for a maximum of 3 weeks. Can't finish your ginger juice? Get creative with the storage of your ginger shots? You can also freeze them in an ice cube tray. Never put the glass bottle in the freezer, then it will crack and only your freezer will enjoy fresh ginger

Fresh ginger tea

Ginger is a great way to make ginger tea. We are used to adding slices of ginger to a cup of hot water, but you can do it differently! G'nger ginger juice makes it easy to make ginger tea.

How do you make ginger tea?  

Ginger tea is very easy to make yourself with G'nger ginger juice. Take a tablespoon and fill it with ginger juice and put it in a tea mug. Then pour in hot water and finally add some honey to sweeten the taste. 

You can also vary ginger tea a little. You can add a slice of orange, or a slice of lemon for a completely new flavour. Our favourite: add a fresh cinnamon stick!

Here you can buy ginger juice

You can easily order our ginger juice in our shop. We are also available at Crisp, Bijenkorf, STACH and various specialty shops. You can also buy 20 individual ginger shots, which makes it easier to portion out your ginger. And this way you will have enough ginger in the house for the time being. Are you still not convinced of the benefits of ginger? Then also read the information on our G'nger Inspiration page. Here, you will find more about the benefits. 

Waarom jij G’nger gembersap moet kopen!

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Daarnaast heeft gember verschillende voordelen:

  • Gember is goed voor je huid
  • Gember geeft een natuurlijke kick
  • Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Gember werkt tegen misselijkheid
  • Gember helpt tegen een opgeblazen gevoel
  • Gember werkt bij verkoudheid



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