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ginger shots

Why Gnger?

Pure ginger juice

A healthy basis for ginger shots, tea & lemonade

About us

Our Story

Hi I am Sam! Ginger fan and founding member of G'nger. I'd like to tell you a bit more about us and why we started G'nger Ginger juice and Ginger shots. 

Fresh ginger juice helped me get rid of my irritable bowel syndrome and so I went in search of fresh ginger juice. However, many fresh ginger juices contain added sugars. Unnecessary! And that is why I started G'nger. Of course I am very curious what you think of our journey. Do you have any tips or do you just want to send us a loveletter? Then get in touch with us

Where to buy?

G'nger Gembersap is available in many different places. In addition to the places shown here, G'nger is also available at many specialty and gift shops. 

Want to know if G'nger is available in your neighbourhood? Then you can always send us an e-mail. 

SKAL - Biologisch

Skal Biocontrole is de onafhankelijke organisatie voor het toezicht houden op de hele biologische keten in Nederland. Skal zet zich als onafhankelijk toezichthouder in voor aantoonbare betrouwbaarheid van biologische producten in Nederland. Een voedingsmiddel of landbouwproduct mag alleen biologisch heten als het aan wettelijke voorschriften voldoet. Het Skal keurmerk geeft aan dat G’nger alle Europese regels vanuit de overheid naleeft en hierop ook streng gecontroleerd wordt. 

G'nger Gembersap

G'nger ginger juice is made from organic ginger stumps. Our products are 100% natural, organic and contain no added sugars. G'nger ginger juice can be used as a base for tea and cold drinks. It is also ideal to give a dish extra spice or to add flavour to a mocktail.

pure ginger juice
ginger shot

G'nger as a ginger shot

G'nger Ginger juice is perfect as a ginger shot! Do you want a shot right away? Then we recommend the G'nger Original. Can you take a beating? Then you'd better opt for the G'nger Pure, but beware! This one is a lot spicier due to the high percentage of ginger (94%). 

Besides the 500ML and 250ML bulk packs of ginger shots, we also sell ready-to-use ginger shots in 60ML. So you can take your ginger shot with you anywhere and quickly consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. 

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