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For ginger shots, ginger tea & lemonade | 100% BIO


A ginger subscription offers you convenience and benefits. You decide how often and when you get G'nger pure ginger juice and are not tied to anything.

Surprisingly many advantages

ginger juice
ginger juice

G'nger can be used for much more than just a shot in your tea. Ginger helps to increase your resistance and has been used for ages against morning sickness.

pure ginger juice
ginger juice
ginger juice

Our Story

Hi I am Sam! Ginger fan and founding member of G'nger.

Pure ginger juice helped me get rid of my irritable bowel syndrome, so I started looking for fresh ginger juice. However, many fresh ginger juices contain added sugars. Unnecessary! And that is why I started G'nger. Of course I am very curious what you think of our journey. Do you have any tips or do you just want to send us a loveletter? Then get in touch with us

How do you use G'nger?

250ml G'nger Ginger juice is good for 12 shots or 50 cups of ginger tea. Due to the high concentrate, you only need a small amount. But did you know that ginger can be used for many other purposes? 

pure ginger juice
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Sell G'nger?

Are you just as enthusiastic as we are about ginger? And would you like to sell it in your grocery shop, specialty shop or coffee shop? Then get in touch with us!

A gift everyone will love

Make someone else a fan of G'nger ginger juice with the G'nger Gift Package.
Receive a 250ml bottle including 2 shot glasses.

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