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ginger juice

Ginger juice for ginger tea, lemonade and shots

ginger juice

Why everyone benefits from PUUR ginger juice

Bean juice boosts your resistance and this is why;

Ginger comes from the ginger root. This stalk is already known in ancient traditional medicine as a powerful and healing root. The ginger juice from the root makes your body absorb vitamins better. How so?! By contributing to a smooth digestion. If your intestines work well, your body is better able to absorb the natural bacteria in your intestines and the more good bacteria you have, the better your digestion and therefore your resistance.

Drinking G'nger ginger juice therefore helps to tackle the cause.

This is where many other tablets that increase your resistance often tackle the symptoms of low resistance. Think of a runny nose, headache fighters.

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What our fans say

"Totally love the ginger shots from G'nger (especially the Pure) I take these almost every morning on an empty stomach to boost my immune system, which is of course ideal with my active lifestyle!"

- Lotte van Leeuwen / 159K Followers

ginger juice
ginger juice

What is different about G'nger PURE GEMBERSAP vs other juices?

G'nger pure ginger juice

  • High percentage of ginger
  • No added sugars
  • One 250ML bottle equals one kilo of ginger stumps
  • One 500ML bottle is good for 24 shots or 50 cups of ginger tea
  • ONE glass bottle instead of 24 plastic shot bottles


With our ginger juice, making your own ginger juice is no longer necessary! Our juice is available in two flavours. PURE and ORIGINAL. Which one should I choose?

Our Pure contains 94% ginger juice and is therefore for the real diehards, as a shot or for use in tea. The Pure is also suitable for cooking. As a pure shot, it is too spicy for many people.

That's why we also have G'nger Original. Still a high concentrate of ginger, but sweetened with Elderflower and therefore easier to drink as a shot. The Original is also very tasty in tea. Did you know that 1 bottle is good for 50 cups of tea!

making ginger juice


Is ginger good for you? Nowadays, many problems are solved with medicines prescribed by doctors. In the past, people first looked for solutions from nature because medicines were not yet available. Ginger comes from the ginger root. It is a spice that has been known in ancient traditional medicine as a powerful and healing root. The ginger juice from the root makes your body absorb vitamins better. 

  • Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Supports the immune system
  • Ginger can relieve bloating
  • Do you suffer from flatulence? Even a cup of ginger tea or two can help with that

What does ginger juice do?

what does ginger juice do?
ginger juice

G'nger can be used for much more than just a shot in your tea. Ginger helps to increase your resistance and has been used for ages against morning sickness.

how to use ginger juice

How much ginger juice a day?

Our 100% Organic 250ml G'nger Ginger Juice is good for 12 shots or 50 cups of ginger tea. Due to the high concentrate, you only need a small amount. 

We recommend at least 1 shot a 30 - 60ML per day. You can also divide this over +- 3 ginger teas. Of course you can drink more, but this is the recommended amount. 

How do you use ginger juice?

In principle, a small splash in your water or tea is enough. This will give you a spicy flavour! Our organic ginger stumps are pure-pressed and our G'nger ginger juice Pure contains 94% organic ginger. This makes our ginger juice many times stronger than what you are used to.

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