Gift box

Discover the gift box of G'nger! Looking for a sustainable and healthy gift? We have a wonderful box, the perfect gift for everyone! Nothing better than putting a smile on the face of your friends or family. How? With a special gift. 

Why a g'nger gift box? 

A G'nger Giftbox is packaged in a luxury gift box, making giving immediately a lot more fun. The gift box also contains a 250ML original bottle and 2 luxury shot glasses. What can you do with the gift box? G'nger is perfect for ginger tea, lemonade & ginger shots. This giftbox is the perfect introduction to our brand, but above all a perfect gift for every ginger lover. 

Buy G'nger gift box

Do you know who you should give this gift to? Then we have a one-time discount for you: giftboxgnger. With this code you get a 10% discount, making gift giving even more fun! 

Luxury Gift Boxes

At G'nger, we think it is important that the gift box is a luxury gift. That is why we have chosen luxury shot glasses. The shots have a 'crystal' pattern which gives the glasses a luxurious and vintage look. 

Besides the glasses, we have chosen our G'nger Original bottle in 250ML. This ginger juice is accessible to all ginger lovers. Our juice is 100% organic and made with the best ginger from Peru, we find it important that our ingredients are pure and of good quality. 

In addition, the juice is multi-purpose: ginger tea, ginger shot & ginger lemonade. In addition, our ginger juice is also super useful when making mocktails.

Gift box for her

As we mentioned above, the juice is also perfect for a mocktail. Are you looking for a gift for a pregnant friend or someone who no longer drinks alcohol? Then you can still arrive with a luxury package. 

Sustainable gift

Our box is the perfect gift for all occasions. Are you looking for a gift for a farewell? A birthday? Father or mother's day? It is all possible. Or are you looking for a Christmas present for your employees? Boost their resistance by giving them our box. Planning to order several gift boxes at once? Who knows, maybe you'll get in touch with our B2B portal (click here)

The gift boxes are luxury cardboard boxes, containing organic ginger juice and 2 shot glasses. In addition, the contents are 100% organic and vegan! Our glass bottles are recycled and the products are produced in the Netherlands. In this way, G'nger wants to contribute! 

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