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Ginger tea healthy?

Is ginger tea healthy? A question that many of us wonder about. Ginger tea is very tasty and if it were healthy as well, that would of course be the icing on the cake. On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about ginger tea. 

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Is ginger healthy?

There are several scientific studies on the benefits of ginger (tea). Ginger can be consumed in various ways. Our preference is our pure ginger juice (G'nger Pure). There is a good reason why these scientific studies have been carried out; ginger is increasingly being linked to health benefits. 

This is what is known so far: 

Bye bye nausea, hello ginger

Ginger is said to be helpful for nausea in the early stages of pregnancy, as well as if you suffer from car sickness [1]. Some scientists also believe it may help with nausea during chemotherapy or after surgery. 

Ginger tea stabilises your weight

Ginger tea can influence how satiated you feel. During this study [2] in which 10 overweight men drank ginger tea every day, it appeared that they were all less hungry after drinking the tea. 

Ginger (tea) boosts the immune system

Ginger is full of antioxidants, so it can give your immune system a big boost. It can also help reduce stress. 

Improve blood circulation with ginger (tea)

Ginger does not perform miracles, but research [3] shows that ginger can have a preventive effect. For instance, it prevents high blood pressure, relieves heartburn, high blood pressure and improves our blood circulation. 

How much ginger in tea is healthy

Fancy a ginger tea? You can, of course, continue to slice your ginger stalk thinly so that it exudes as much flavour as possible. Or you can order the G'nger pure ginger juice and enjoy the spicy taste of ginger tea every day. In addition, our juice contains 94% ginger and no added sugars. So you only need 10ml of ginger juice to make the perfect ginger tea. So you can use 1 bottle for a very long time! 

How many times a day can you drink ginger tea?

Too much of anything is never a good thing. That is why we recommend using a maximum of 60ML per day. This means you can enjoy 6 cups of ginger tea a day. Are you a real ginger lover and do you use much more ginger juice? In that case, it is better to consume 2 to 4 cups per day. 

Can you drink too much ginger tea?

As mentioned above, we recommend a maximum of 60ML. Too much ginger can also have negative effects, as ginger can have a blood thinning effect if too much is consumed. These effects are currently being researched by scientists. 

ginger tea recipes
is ginger healthy

Ginger tea recipes

The most common form of ginger tea is ginger root with hot water. Honey is often added to this. However, you can also easily make ginger tea with G'nger pure ginger juice. This is 1 much easier and 2 it releases much more juice. 

Ginger tea with honey

What exactly do you need for a ginger tea with honey? 

  • G'nger Pure ginger juice
  • Honey or agave

Create this tea by first putting some honey in your glass. Pour 10ml of G'nger Ginger juice over it (to your own taste). Finally, boil the water and your ginger tea is ready to drink (let it cool down first of course!). 


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