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Buy ginger shots?

Pure ginger shots with 94% or 42.2% ginger! WOW!


Buy ginger shots, who doesn't? Everyone knows the shots in the pub, but in recent years, the ginger shot has become hot and trendy. Some ginger shots are fresh and pure, while others have apple juice, orange juice or other juices added to make the ginger shot less pure and strong.

What do ginger shots do?

Ginger comes from the ginger root. This stalk is already known in ancient traditional medicine as a powerful and healing root. The ginger juice from the root makes your body absorb vitamins better. How so?! By contributing to a smooth digestion. If your intestines work well, your body is better able to absorb the natural bacteria in your intestines and the more good bacteria you have, the better your digestion and therefore your resistance.

"Totally love the ginger shots from G'nger (especially the Pure) I take these almost every morning on an empty stomach to boost my immune system, which is of course ideal with my active lifestyle!"

- Lotte van Leeuwen / 159K Followers


G'nger's juice
  • High percentage of ginger
  • No added sugars
  • One 250ML bottle equals one kilo of ginger stumps
  • One 500ML bottle is good for 24 ginger shots
  • ONE glass bottle instead of 24 plastic shot bottles


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Surprisingly many advantages

immunity shot

G'nger can be used for much more than just a shot in your tea. For example, ginger shots help increase your resistance and has been used for ages against morning sickness.

pure ginger juice
ginger shot healthy

Ginger shot healthy?

Many people think that ginger shots are healthy for you. But what are the benefits of a ginger shot?

How healthy are ginger shots?

There are many possible health benefits of ginger shots. For example, it could help with nausea, digestive problems, be good for your immune system. Read more about it on our page 'G'nger Inspiration'.

Where can I buy ginger shots?

You can order our ginger shots online at our webshop and we are also available at specialty shops, STACH, Bijenkorf and supermarket chain Crisp. 



You can buy ginger shots in the supermarket, in a specialist shop or you can make them yourself. But did you know that many ginger shots contain a low concentrate of ginger, added sugar and other additives? 

Our G'nger ginger juice Pure (94% concentrate ginger) and Original (42.2% concentrate ginger) are pure juices without added sugars. And you can use these ginger juices as ginger shots because they are mega pure. Making a ginger shot also takes a lot of time, so we make it easy for you!

Besides, you don't have separate bottles, but a G'nger 250ml bottle can hold 12 shots and a 500ml 24 shots, super convenient to dose with the G'nger spout and also better for the environment 😉 .

ginger juice

Selling G'nger GEMBERSHOTS?

Are you just as enthusiastic as we are about ginger? And would you like to sell it in your grocery shop, specialty shop or coffee shop? Then get in touch with us!

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