Making a ginger shot

Do you already know the popular drink ginger shots? You bet! It is becoming increasingly popular in the health world, because ginger has many benefits and, when combined with the right ingredients, can boost your resistance. Make a ginger shot? Here you will find everything you need to know! Such a shot not only has advantages, but it also gives you an immediate kick. So you start a new day in high spirits and you are instantly awake. So what are you waiting for?

Beware! Do not consider ginger shots as medication. It can boost your resistance, but if you have serious complaints, a visit to the doctor is advisable. On this page you will find information on ginger shots, recipes, how to drink them and how to store ginger shots. You will also find out how much you need on a daily basis. Use the table of contents below to easily go to the subject you are looking for. 

make ginger shot
Ginger shot with lemon

How do you make your own ginger shot?

To begin with, making a ginger shot yourself is a time-consuming job. You also need a slowjuicer for this and a large part of the Netherlands does not have one at home. That is why we make it easy for you. At G'nger, we have the pure version with only a little lemon juice added, no added sugars, nothing! You don't have to make any effort, but we will explain further on this page how you can vary your daily ginger shots.

How much ginger do you need for a ginger shot?

For a ginger shot you need on average between 30 and 60ML of ginger juice. You can also drink the juice pure, but if you mix it you only need 30ML. This way you do extra long with your juice. You can also order the gift box from us. Handy, because it immediately contains shot glasses in which you can drink your daily ginger shot. These glasses are also handy for the recipes below.

What are ginger shots good for?

There are many health benefits of ginger. It has been scientifically proven to reduce nausea, which is useful for pregnant women, for example. Below, you will find a list of the other health benefits of ginger:

  • First: Ginger relieves spastic and irritable bowel syndrome
  • In addition, ginger cleanses the body
  • Ginger also contributes to better skin
  • And finally, it can work against hangovers
  • There are many more advantages, but please visit our G'nger Inspiration page for

(For more information, see our blog 'Is ginger healthy?').

How often to take a ginger shot?

We recommend taking a ginger shot at least once a day after breakfast. That way you start the day with a kick. You can also take a ginger shot at the end of a meal, for example during lunch.

Taking too much of something is never a good thing. This also applies to ginger, which is why we recommend taking approximately 60ML per day. You can also divide this over 1 half shot and a number of ginger teas / lemonades. 

Storing ginger shots? This is how! 

The G'nger ginger shots can be kept until the date the date on the packaging. After opening, the G'nger Ginger juice can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. It is always a good idea to put a bottle of ginger juice or the ginger shots in the fridge for a while. A ginger shot is most delicious when served cold. Conclusion, have you received ginger juice at home? Put it in the fridge immediately. 

making ginger shots
ginger shots healthy

Making ginger shots with apple

As promised, we will now share some recipes with you. These are our favourite ginger shots and besides that, you can vary your daily ginger shot a little bit. Not used to a spicy ginger shot? Then we recommend getting a glass of water ready. This will also keep you instantly hydrated.

Ingredients gingershot apple

  • G'nger Pure 30ML
  • Pure apple juice 30ML
  • 1tl Turmeric spice

Preparing ginger shot apple

  1. Pour 30ML G'nger ginger juice into your shot glass
  2. Then add 30ML pure apple juice (check the ingredients declaration that no other things have been added).
  3. Finally, add some turmeric spices with a teaspoon and mix well.
  4. Shot it!

Making ginger shots with lemon

This shot is spicy! Beginner? Then we would pass on this one. Do you want to give your immune system a good boost? Then it might be worth a try. This really is the perfect match among the ginger shots. Want to make it easy on yourself? Then you can also order the G'nger Original, but if you want to go for the purest variant possible, then you can stick to this recipe:

Ingredients gingershot lemon

  • G'nger Pure 30ML
  • Pure lemon juice (check the ingredients)
  • Optional: honey to make it just a bit sweeter and to lubricate the throat

Preparation ginger shot lemon

  1. First, pour 30ML G'nger ginger juice into a shot glass, this is about half
  2. Then add 30ML lemon juice.
  3. Optionally, add honey as a final ingredient and then you can shoot!
preserve ginger shot
ginger shot turmeric

Making a ginger shot with orange

Perfect for the novice 'Ginger Shotter', this recipe quenches right away and you'll hardly need your glass of water. Orange makes it just a little more accessible to take a ginger shot every day. If you have trouble with ginger, this is your saving grace.  

Ingredients gingershot orange

  • G'nger Pure 30ML
  • Juice of half an orange (you can also prepare for 2 days)
  • Optional: turmeric powder

Preparing ginger shot orange

  1. First, pour 30ML of G'nger ginger juice into a shot glass, which is about half the size of a glass.
  2. Then pour in the juice of half an orange
  3. Then optionally add turmeric powder, as this spice also has many health benefits

Making ginger shots with turmeric

This is the resistance booster of the 4 shots, better prevention than cure right? Moreover, turmeric and ginger are an ultimate combination that is rich in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. So it is perfect for giving your immune system a kick. Go go and boost that resistance. 

Ingredients ginger turmeric

  • G'nger Pure 40ML
  • 10-20ML Apple juice
  • 1tl Turmeric Powder

Preparing ginger shot orange

  1. First pour 40ML G'nger ginger juice in a shot glass
  2. Then add a little apple juice
  3. Then add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  4. After that, it is important to mix everything well
  5. If everything is mixed well, you can take the shot

Where to buy ginger shots?

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