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Is ginger juice healthy? Ginger seems to be very healthy, it boosts your immune system and it gives you a real kick! Many people claim that ginger has medicinal properties. This is also one of the reasons why everyone is consuming ginger juice. But is ginger juice healthy? Read it here! 

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Health benefits of ginger

Besides the fact that ginger has a fantastic flavour and it is impossible to imagine society without ginger tea, ginger also has quite a few health benefits. Several studies have been conducted to prove this, and we are of course happy to share these health benefits with you! 

Ginger against nausea

Do you ever suffer from car sickness or morning sickness? A study [1] shows that it can help with several types of nausea such as: car sickness, seasickness, morning sickness in pregnancy. In addition, it can also help with nausea caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy. 

Ginger to relieve muscle pain

Working out a lot? Then ginger is just what you need. A study has shown that ginger can provide a moderate to large reduction in muscle pain after a sports injury. The effects seem to be cumulative, i.e. if you take ginger every day, you will achieve greater benefits than if you take it only once [2]. Shot it! 

Relieve menstrual pain with ginger

This is something every woman can benefit from. Relieving menstrual pain and then you can drink a delicious ginger tea for it? According to the following research [3], it turned out that women who took daily capsules of ginger powder suffered less from abdominal cramps and other ailments during their periods. The study even concluded that it was as effective as taking ibuprofen. Sounds like music to your ears, right? 

Ginger for better digestion

Researchers from India have shown that ginger can stimulate digestive enzymes. As a result, the body needs less time to digest food [4]. A win-win situation as far as we are concerned! This could prevent conditions such as constipation. And we always say better prevention than cure! 

Does ginger help with diabetes?

According to the following research [5], ginger seems to support insulin sensitivity. During the study, adults with type 2 diabetes took ginger powder daily, which lowered their blood sugar (fasting) by 12 percent. It also lowers blood sugar levels in gestational diabetes. 

Want to know more about whether ginger juice is healthy for you? We write regular blogs on the page: G'nger Inspiration. There, you can always find the latest news and we also inspire you with new recipes every week! So you can get your daily dose of ginger. 

What ginger is not good for

Ginger seems to have only advantages, but in some cases it is advisable to be careful with ginger. In general, ginger is considered safe [6]. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) says that actually everyone can consume ginger (in moderation of course). 

NCCIH does indicate that you should be careful with certain medications or health problems. This includes blood thinners, people with gallstone disease and if you have a sensitive stomach (high acidity). If you are unsure whether ginger is the right match, it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor. 

How much ginger juice a day is healthy?

There are no studies on how much ginger juice you can take per day, but we recommend a quantity of 60ML. You can divide this over 1 shot (30ML) and 2 to 3 ginger teas. Or, if one shot is too much for you, about 5 to 6 ginger tea per day. This depends on how strong you make your tea! In the event of medication or health problems, it is best to discuss the quantity with your doctor. 

How much ginger in tea

How much ginger you add to your tea obviously varies from person to person and mainly depends on how spicy you want your tea to be! We recommend adding about 1 tablespoon to your ginger tea. This is an average, we like it so much that we add about a lemonade layer to a tea glass. Do you find the G'nger Pure a bit spicy as a tea? Then it's better to use the G'nger Original. 

Ginger tea fresh or in bag

When using G'nger, much more ginger is released than with a ginger stalk or a tea bag. This is because it really dissolves in the water. With a ginger stalk you have to crush it completely to get a stronger ginger flavour, so with G'nger you need very little to get the same effect. This way you can use your ginger juice for a long time! A ginger tea bag gives you even less of the spicy effect of ginger, because it often only contains ginger herbs. You will therefore experience a more subtle flavour. 

TIP: With our spout it is very easy to add the right amount of ginger juice to your drink. 

Ginger drink

You have several ginger drinks. Ginger drinks such as: ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger shots & ginger juices are easy to make with G'nger ginger juice.

Ginger ale & Ginger Beer

Add sparkling water to your G'nger Original for a Ginger Ale. A Ginger Beer is slightly spicier, for which it is best to use a combination of the Pure and Original to give it a slightly more spicy edge. Or you can simply add a little more G'nger Original. For a Ginger Ale we recommend to add 1 tablespoon. For the perfect Ginger Beer we recommend adding 1 tablespoon of G'nger Original and 1 tablespoon of G'nger Pure. If you don't have both in your cupboard you can also add a little more G'nger Original OR you can add an orange & lemon slice to the G'nger Pure to make it a little sweeter. 

Ginger shot

There are various ways of using G'nger as a ginger shot. You can shoot the G'nger Original pure. This is also possible with the G'nger Pure, but we would not recommend this if you are just starting to use ginger juice. Would you like to make different recipes and vary your shot a little more? Check out our inspiration page. You will find many recipes here. Here are a few tips: 

  • Alternate your pure ginger shot with a 50/50 combination of G'nger Pure and lemon juice
  • G'nger Pure ginger juice is also a good combination with orange juice
  • Make a ginger shot of G'nger Pure with pure apple juice (make sure there is no added sugar)


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This page Ginger juice healthy is for information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for advice from a medical expert or the use of any medication.


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