Is it healthy? And how do you use fresh ginger...


What is ginger?

Ginger as we know it and as you find it everywhere in the shops is the rhizome of the ginger plant, Zingiber officinale. The plant is part of the plant family that includes cardamom, turmeric and galanga root.  

It is available in different ways: as powder, root, syrup or ginger juice. 

What is ginger good for?

It is often said that ginger has many health benefits. We have also looked into this for you. In the footer, you will find a page entitled 'ginger juice healthy'. Here, you will find more information about all the benefits ginger has to offer, including studies. 

We prefer to consume it as ginger juice. Curious? You can shop our ginger drink below. Below you will find recipes with ginger


ginger recipes

You can make many different things with ginger, such as ginger tea, lemonade, ginger shots, mocktails and cocktails. It is also often used in Asian dishes. Below, we briefly explain a number of recipes. 

Making ginger tea

To make ginger tea, you really only need 2 things. G'nger Pure and boiling water, it can be that simple. And this way you never have to cut ginger stumps again. You put a layer in your tea mug and pour boiling water over it. Leave to cool and enjoy. 

Making your own ginger shots

Ginger shots are a piece of cake with G'nger. For the Pure we recommend mixing it with a little water or lemon juice. The original variant is ready to shot. 

Ginger lemonade

Do you love ginger ale and everything in it? Then mix the G'nger Original with some sparkling water. This is definitely the healthy version of this drink, but no less delicious. 

We hope that with these recipes, you know exactly what to do with the ginger juice you just bought. Haven't bought anything yet? You can do that easily in our shop. 

How much ginger a day?

Too much of anything is never a good idea. It is therefore advisable not to throw back whole bottles of ginger juice. 

We recommend about 60ML per day. This is equivalent to 2 shots or 6 cups of ginger tea. 

Of course you can try out what quantity is ideal for your body. Do you doubt whether G'nger matches your medication? Then please consult your doctor before use. 

ginger per day

fresh ginger


Actually, it is impossible to imagine a kitchen without it. Besides fresh ginger, you have ginger juices, ginger shots and ginger syrups. As you have read above, you can easily use it in various recipes. But how long does it actually stay good? And how long can G'nger ginger juice be kept? 

How long does fresh ginger stay good? 

A fresh stalk can be kept for an average of 3 weeks. You can tell by looking at the skin, if it is all wrinkled and has 'sprouts' then you can assume it is no longer optimal. G'nger ginger juice can be kept unopened until the date on the bottle and in the fridge for another 3 weeks after opening. 


You can also freeze it, in which case ginger will keep for 6 months. Beware! You can only freeze ginger juice in a different container, because the glass can possibly break. 

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