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G'nger ginger subscription

With our flexible subscription, you always have fresh ginger juice at home!

This is how it works

Choose the quantity

Decide how many shots you want delivered. One shot equals one serving.

Decide how often and when

Every month, every quarter, during the day or in the evening. You decide how often and when we deliver G'nger to your doorstep.


Through your own account you can easily schedule your delivery, choose different times or skip a time when you are enjoying a tropical resort. Handy, right?

pure ginger juice

Keep track of your account at all times

Determine your own quantity and delivery schedule with our account system. Here you keep your own overview in no time.

Health benefits of ginger

Our ginger is organically sourced and then made into a fresh juice as quickly as possible. This way, the nutrients are preserved as much as possible and you always have the best ginger at home. Did you know that ginger has countless health benefits? Curious?


ginger juice
ginger juice

Ginger juice is a versatile drink and can be used in both hot and cold drinks. Are you lacking inspiration? Or would you like something different from your traditional ginger juice? Check out our recipes!

pure ginger juice

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