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Detox treatment

Detox treatment

Detox cures, you hear a lot about them nowadays. Have you ever done a detox treatment and did you like it, or have you never done one but would like to? In this blog we explain what a detox cure is and how you can make a detox yourself.

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Make your own detox treatment

Making your own cures is a lot easier than you might think. It is important to vary the ingredients you use in your juices. Ingredients that are excellent to use as part of a detox are, for example:

  • Apple
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Blue berries
  • Lemon juice
  • Spinach
  • Chia seed
  • G'nger ginger juice

G'nger ginger juice is a good alternative to fresh ginger, because you can quickly and easily incorporate it into your juices and at the same time enjoy all the health benefits of ginger. Ginger is an indispensable part of a detox, which is very effective in losing weight and also supports digestion [1].

Detox treatment

What is a detox treatment?

A detox is also called a juice cure, because the cure consists only of drinking different juices, often for a period of several days (for example three days) at a time. The main purpose of a detox is to rid the body of toxins, you can see it as a "reset" of your body. Detox cures are also effective when you want to lose weight.

Detox treatment

Detox and lose weight

A detox is a very effective way to lose weight. In addition to removing harmful substances from your body, detox cures also ensure that your body takes in fewer calories compared to the normal diet. As a result, you will quickly lose a lot of weight [2].

Is a detox good for you?

As you may have gathered, a detox is definitely good for you. It ensures that harmful substances leave the body and that the digestive system comes to rest. Your body cleanses itself, as it were. Do not think it is good to detox indefinitely, because detox cures work well to do every now and then as a change from a normal, healthy diet. 


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[2] Does losing weight with a detox juice cleanse really work that well? Via https://happyhealthy.nl/detox-sapkuur-afvallen/


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