Mocktail recipes

Mocktail recipes

Mocktails are becoming more and more popular these days as an alternative to cocktails. There are now many different mocktail variations, each with its own ingredients and a different, unique taste. In this article, we'll give you our three favourite mocktail recipes and some general background information on mocktails.

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Healthy mocktails

If you think that mocktails are unhealthy, you are wrong. There are, in fact, many different mocktails that are healthy. You can drink these healthy mocktails without feeling guilty and they are not only healthy, but also very tasty.

What does mocktail mean?

As you probably already know, a mocktail is a cocktail that contains no alcohol at all. The word mocktail is originally derived from the English word "mock," which means fake or not real. You could translate the name mocktail as "fake cocktail". This name isn't just similar to the name cocktail, it's also invented for a reason.

Strawberry cocktail recipe

Our first favourite mocktail recipe is the strawberry-ginger mocktail. This is what you need to make it:

  • Strawberries
  • G’nger pure ginger shot
  • Sparkling apple juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Apple

First, put the ice cubes and a slice of apple in a nice glass. Then puree the strawberries into an even mash. Pour the sparkling apple juice into the glass and add a dash of G'nger pure. Finally, top the mocktail with the strawberry puree. Put in a straw and enjoy!

mocktail recipes

Ginger & elderflower mocktail

A slightly less known, but very tasty and healthy mocktail: the mocktail with ginger and elderflower. What you need:

  • G'nger pure
  • Elderflower syrup
  • Sparkling mineral water
  • Lemon
  • Ice cubes

Put 10 ml G'nger pure with 10 ml elderflower syrup and three slices of lime in a nice glass. Add some ice cubes and fill the glass with sparkling mineral water. Stir the mocktail gently and put a straw in it. Enjoy!

Mocktail recipe Mojito

Another delicious mocktail is the mojito ginger mocktail. These are the ingredients for this mocktail:

  • Sparkling mineral water
  • Cane sugar
  • G'nger pure
  • Mint
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemonade syrup
  • Lemon

Put 10 ml of G'nger together with the juice of half a lime, one teaspoon of cane sugar (this can also be replaced with sweetener) and about five lime leaves in a glass. Cut the squeezed lime into pieces and add this too. Mash this mixture as well as you can. Add another five mint leaves to the glass and then fill the glass with the sparkling mineral water and the lemonade syrup. Stir the mocktail well and put a straw in it. Enjoy!

Mocktail recipe Mojito

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