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Order ginger shots

Order ginger shots

Order ginger shots at G'nger. Ginger shots are totally hot and we know why! In this blog, you'll read more about whether it's healthy. What a ginger shot does. And where you can buy or order them.

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Healthy ginger shot

Is taking a ginger shot healthy? Several scientific studies have been conducted into the health effects of ginger. One of these studies shows that ginger can help combat nausea [1]. It is therefore also ideal for use during pregnancy. Research also shows that ginger can help with various types of pain, such as muscular pain and menstrual pain. It is even said to be as effective as taking ibuprofen [2]. Also, taking ginger shots can help with an (emerging) cold or flu due to its anti-bacterial properties [3].

In summary, a ginger shot helps against nausea, pain and an (emerging) cold. So plenty of reasons to take a ginger shot!

What do ginger shots do?

What does a ginger shot do exactly? When you take a ginger shot, you get your dose of ginger in one go. Some people do not like the taste. And therefore prefer to take shots rather than tea or lemonade. Others experience a natural kick by taking a ginger shot. So it is also a good replacement for your cup of coffee.

And what happens in your body when you take a shot of ginger?

Ginger shots also ensure that your body has a better absorption of vitamins. This is because ginger contributes to a good digestion. This ensures that your body can better absorb natural bacteria in the intestines [4]. Your body also gets a real boost after taking a ginger shot!

Buy ginger shot

Do you want to order ginger shots online? And work on your health? You can do so at G'nger! Order your gingershots easily below!

flavour back through ginger
Order ginger shots

Why order G'nger ginger shots?

With the G'nger Original ginger shots 20-pack, you will have a ginger shot at home every weekday for 4 weeks. Read the benefits of G'nger ginger shots at a glance here.

  1. Boost your resistance!
  2. No added sugars
  3. Organic
  4. No artificial flavourings
  5. Low in calories
  6. Easy to carry
  7. Sustainable packaging


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