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Sugar-free ginger juice

Sugar-free ginger juice

Do you prefer not to take in unnecessary sugars? Luckily, with our sugar-free ginger juice, you don't need to! In this blog, you can read more about what sugar is and how it works. Furthermore, there is a recipe for sugar-free ginger lemonade, so that you can enjoy your drinking moment carefree. 

When do you take a ginger shot?

We love to start the day with a G'nger ginger shot. But of course you can also take it just before your meal. You don't have to make a ginger shot any more. 

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What is sugar?

Sugar is the sweet substance contained in many different products. Even in products you might not expect. Furthermore, sugar occurs naturally in fruit, for example, these are natural sugars. 


Sugars belong to the group of carbohydrates. There are different types of carbohydrates made up of various sugar molecules. 


Sweeteners are often used to replace sugar in, for example, light products. This is because sweeteners have the same taste as sugar but fewer calories. Sweeteners are therefore not sugars but a substitute for them.

Sugar-free ginger juice

Effect of sugar

What exactly is the effect of sugar in the body and what does it do to the body?

Sugar provides the body with energy in the form of calories but contains no vitamins or minerals that the body needs. You also do not feel full when drinking sugary drinks, which means that you can take in more calories than you need and ultimately gain weight. Sugar drinks can also give you the well-known sugar dip. We think it's a shame to consume sugar unnecessarily, which is why G'nger contains no added sugars. 

G'nger pure ginger juice

Sugar-free ginger lemonade

A recipe for a delicious lemonade with ginger juice without added sugars for carefree enjoyment! The cinnamon gives the lemonade a slightly sweet twist. 


  • 30ml G'nger Pure
  • Lemon slices
  • 1tl Cinnamon powder
  • 250ml (sparkling) water


Put all the ingredients in your favourite mug or cup, top it up with ice cubes if necessary and enjoy your lemonade!

Waarom je G’nger gembersap moet kopen!

Tja waarom jij G’nger gembersap moet komen? Nou?! Naast dat G’nger super lekker en gezond is bevatten onze gembersappen GEEN toegevoegde suikers en is het PURE gembersap. Easy as that!

Daarnaast heeft gember verschillende voordelen:

  • Gember is goed voor je huid
  • Gember geeft een natuurlijke kick
  • Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Gember werkt tegen misselijkheid
  • Gember helpt tegen een opgeblazen gevoel
  • Gember werkt bij verkoudheid

Buy ginger juice with no added sugars?

Would you like to buy ginger juice without sugar? And experience the health benefits of ginger? Then G'nger is the place to be! Our shop is easy to order. Both the G'nger Pure, the G'nger Original and our shots do not contain added sugar. 

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