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Cocktail with ginger

Cocktail with ginger

In this blog, you can read more about a delicious cocktail with ginger. G'nger as a shot or in your tea is always a good idea. But how about a delicious ginger cocktail to end the week and start the weekend off right? Or any other time you feel like a cocktail! This ginger lemon cocktail can be enjoyed at any time, even as a non-alcoholic version or with a little extra spice.

Table of contents

Recipe cocktail with ginger and lime

This cocktail is deliciously spicy but also fresh and sour thanks to the lime. The prosecco makes it festive and therefore good to use at any time!


  • Glass of your choice
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Lemon squeezer
  • Cutting board and knife


  • 30 ml G'nger pure or original
  • 1 Lime
  • 100 ml Prosecco


  1. Cut the lime in half, cut one slice from this and squeeze out the rest of the lime.
  2. Put the lime juice in the cocktail shaker together with the G´nger and prosecco.
  3. Shake gently and briefly so that the ingredients are well mixed but do not remove the bubbles.
  4. Pour your cocktail into your glass and add the slice of lime as a garnish.
  5. Enjoy your delicious cocktail with ginger!

Additional tips and variations for your drink

Are you a real spice lover or do you want to go for an alcohol-free variant? Then read on for additional tips and variations on the recipe.

No cocktail shaker?

Want to make this recipe but don't have a cocktail shaker? No problem! You can also put all the ingredients in the glass and stir well with a spoon or straw.

Tip for extra spice 

This cocktail is a real spicy drink. Ginger juice is already deliciously spicy, but would you like to give this cocktail even more spice? Then add a little Tabasco at the end. The result is a drink with extra spice.

Alcohol-free variant

Do you prefer not to drink alcohol (for a while)? But you do feel like a nice drink? Then replace the prosecco in this recipe with sparkling water or tonic. 

Cocktail with ginger
Cocktail with ginger


Our ginger juices are organic. You can therefore easily make this ginger cocktail completely organic! Use an organic lime and choose an organic prosecco.

Getting started with your ginger drink

Do you want to get started with this ginger cocktail? Then make this recipe. You can save the ginger juice and make the cocktail the day before a party to taste.

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