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5 reasons why you should drink ginger juice

5 reasons why you should drink ginger juice

We make your life a little easier with G'nger ginger juice. No more cutting up ginger stumps, no more pieces of peel in your tea, no more dried ginger stumps, but fresh ginger juice without added sugars. Mega delicious and easy to use, especially with the G'nger spout. You simply dose your shot of G'nger without any mess.

Ginger is a great flavour enhancer in dishes and drinks, and therefore it should not be missing from your kitchen. Ginger has many health benefits. Thanks to its spicy and sharp flavour, ginger has been used for centuries to flavour dishes. Ginger contributes to a smooth digestion. If your intestines are working properly, your body is better able to absorb the natural bacteria in your intestines, and the more good bacteria you have, the better your digestion and therefore your resistance. Besides, ginger is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can contribute to good health. Source

Below we have described 5 reasons why YOU should drink G'nger ginger juice:

1. G'nger ginger juice is 10 times more powerful than ginger stems. Our 94% pure ginger juice has a high ginger concentrate, is powerful and deliciously spicy

2. G'nger ginger juice contains no added sugars

3. G'nger is the perfect alcohol substitute according to us and our customers!

4. You can use G'nger for many purposes. For example, as a delicious ginger tea, ginger shot, ginger lemonade, a cocktail with or without alcohol, but also in a dish in which ginger is a must.

5. G'nger ginger juice is ready for use!

Ginger and health

Good to know!

Our G'nger 250ml bottles can hold 12 shots and 24 cups of tea. And from our G'nger 500ml bottles, you can get 24 shots and 48 cups of tea.

If you are curious about recipes with G'nger ginger juice, take a look at the page G'nger as ginger shot for three delicious ginger shot recipes. 

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